SI ni Kamgiri Babat | School Inspectorni Kamgiri Babat Paripatra 2021

SI ni Kamgiri Babat | School Inspectorni Kamgiri Babat Paripatra

In GsQAC (Gujarat School Quality Accreditation Council) working at GCERT, teachers/headteachers of various primary schools of the state are working as school inspectors. Currently, these school inspectors are engaged in various educational activities under your guidance.

SI ni Kamgiri Babat | School Inspectorni Kamgiri Babat Paripatra 2021
SI ni Kamgiri Babat | School Inspector ni Kamgiri Babat Paripatra 2021

GSQAC – GCERT has completed school accreditation in most of the districts of the state. However, due to more area in some districts and a limited number of (k) SIS, some schools are yet to be accredited. Such districts mainly include Aravalli, Bharuch, Chhota Udepur, Kutch, Mahisagar, Panchmahal, Tapi and Valsad. Accreditation work is underway in the schools left behind by the SIS who voluntarily joined from the respective district and other districts in these districts.

The academic year 2021-22 has started from 7th June 2021, but students are not kept in schools due to the prevailing situation of COVID-19. In this situation, the school cannot start the second round of accreditation at present, so you are asked to take action as per the guidelines given here regarding the SIS operation in your district.

  1. The school inspectors of the districts in which one round of school accreditation has been completed should be engaged in school operations to assist in the academic performance of their native school until the second round of school accreditation is started. SI can do homework in school, Gunotsav 2.0 thematic guidance.
  2. Issue no. After completing school accreditation in SIS of the district in which school accreditation work is in progress, Sl remaining schools of other districts voluntarily involved in school accreditation operation. Will be joined for operations at their native school as noted in 1.
  3. School inspectors posted to assist in the educational work in the original school may be called/engaged in the operation as per the requirement of GSQAC-GCERT and the concerned District Education and Training Building.
  4. GSQAC – School inspectors from the Gandhinagar district working in the state support team at GCERT will be present for operations at GCERT.

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