Aadhar Dise ma New Entry Karva Mateni Pustika | Aadhar Dise Module | Aadhar Dise Pustika 2021

Aadhar Dise ma New Entry Karva Mateni Pustika

Open the website of ssagujarat.org. Then click on Child Tracking System. Then click on Login. In the Application Login, enter the username – the school’s dice code and password – which you changed last year and open it. You can download the data by clicking on View Details in the symbol shown above.

Aadhar Dise ma New Entry Karva Mateni Pustika | Aadhar Dise Module | Aadhar Dise Pustika
Aadhar Dise ma New Entry Karva Mateni Pustika | Aadhar Dise Module | Aadhar Dise Pustika

To go to the main page

Click on Manage Student to update the new entry of Std-1 in Manage student, update the students of Std-2 to STD., And track the children from Std-2 to STD. On enrolment, you will download the data for the year 2015-16 to 2016-17. Click the U-DISE Reports button to download U-DISE Reports. In the school profile, you will find the principal’s name, mobile, email ID. Can be updated. The logout button is used to close the Aadhar Dise.

Clicking on Manage Student will open the following window. Update the child’s information directly from the child’s UID (08 digits). Click on Standard – 1 to make a new entry for Standard – 1. Click here to update and track the children of standard 2 to 8. Click here to update the data of 10 children from standard 1 to 8 simultaneously. Here is the green and red button. If you have updated the data of Std-1 to 12 with all the details, then the button below that standard will turn green. The button will show if any of the child’s data is left to be updated and all the details are not filled.

To Insert / Update / Track, clicking on any of the above criteria will open the following window. To track from on the child’s UID (18 digits) To track a child from the school’s dice code, click here to find the child’s UID number if the child does not have a UID number or the wrong number is written in the LC. To make a new entry of a child of Std-1, click on Search by filling in the five details shown here (New entry of Std-2 to 12 cannot be done, if it has to be done, it will be done in the login of the block) Click here to edit the information of the child. Click here to delete the child

Aadhar Dise Module | Aadhar Dise Pustika

Clicking on EDIT will open the following window. Fill in all the details and click on the Update button so that the data is updated. Clicking on the number given below the above standard will open the details of 10 children at once. To enter only three characters (e.g. RAMESH BHARATBHAI GITABEN THAKOR if RAM, BHA, GIT, THA) fill in the details of the child, father, mother’s name and surname given here Use this option if this option will most likely get the child’s UID.

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