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About us for My School Clerk

About us for My Schools Clerk
Nishant Parmar

Hello friends,

  • Hello friends! I am Nishant Parmar founder and owner of My School Clerk website. I am a professional teacher. This website provides school information as well as related circulars, all government topics and educational news. The information put here is not official. This information is only meant to inform and help people.
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  • This website is being launched to ensure that the teachers of Gujarat Primary School and the students of Gujarat Primary School get proper study based material.
  • This website also contains exam-taking material for various government jobs from the Government of Gujarat.
  • This website provides information about school information as well as related pariptro, All Gov.examinations, educational news.
  • If you would like to provide an idea for our website you can contact below email.
  • You can also email us for information about a post on our website.
  • You also email for the Materials for School and for the Government Exam Materials.

Email id : nishantparmar1991@gmail.com