COVID-19 Talim Babat Pariptra | Diksha Application

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COVID-19 Talim Babat Pariptra | Diksha App

Course Name: COVID-19 Responsive Behaviours

COVID-19 Talim Babat Pariptra | Diksha App
COVID-19 Talim Babat Pariptra | Diksha App

As per the order of the Department of Schools and Literacy, Government of India, a course has been set up on the DIKSHA platform in collaboration with UNICEF for COVID-19 preparation in schools/colleges.

The preparation course is available on the Diksha platform for all teachers, principals, SMC / PTA members and education officers. So all the teachers are asked to report from your level to report it and join it. Your district course registration details are requested to be provided when requested.

Download Pariptra

To start the course, go to the given link and click on Join Course

Link to Diksha App to join COVID-19 related course

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