Ghare Shikhiae Book Solution 2020

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Ghare Shikhiae Book Solution 2020

Ghare Shikhiae Book Solution 2020
Ghare Shikhiae Book Solution 2020

Ghare Shikhiae Book Solution: Gujarat Primary Education Department has started a study program for children to study at home. Under this, the students have been given a book called Learn at Home. The activity is given according to the subject and unit of standard 1 to 8 in this book. An explanation of the activity given within this book is given here. The video of the activity placed here is for the understanding of children and parents only. The children will have to write the answers to the questions given in the book Learn at Home according to their understanding.

Note: The videos posted here are for children’s understanding only. Each child should write their own answer.

Ghare Shikhiye STD 1 Solution

Ghare Shikhiae STD 2 Solution

Ghare Shikhiae STD 3 Solution

Ghare Shikhiae STD 4 Solution

Ghare Shikhiae STD 5 Solution

Ghare Shikhiae STD 6 Solution

Ghare Shikhiae STD 7 Solution

Ghare Shikhiae STD 8 Solution

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