School Rules Module | School na Niyamoni Margdarshika

School Rules Module Useful For Principal and Teacher

School Rules Module : The school rules module has been put here for how the school can be managed. This school rules module is very useful for the principals and teachers.

School Rules Module | School na Niyamoni Margdarshika
School Rules Module | School na Niyamoni Margdarshika

A separate cadre of primary school head teachers was formed. Candidates were selected through public examination and training was planned through an institution like SPIPA. The importance of primary education, primary school and primary school headmaster has been acknowledged since ancient times. In the 21st century and in the years of implementation of RTE-RTI, its importance has been steadily increasing. Instructors who provide this type of training also have a special role to play. We all know the difference between training and coaching. It is therefore more important to fulfill the responsibility as a successful instructor than a training specialist.

This training material has been prepared with the approach that our head teachers, who are involved in the two departments of primary education, the eighth standard and in the initial year of its implementation, work efficiently, easily and sensitively.

The management of the school and the school book can be considered as the pillars of the success of education. Only when our head teachers succeed in discharging their duties amidst human resources, accessible facilities and local conditions, will it be possible to see quality primary education.

Candidates who have been appointed as head teachers by merit have experience as teachers, some friends will also have experience as head teachers. In such circumstances, the training we provide must be quality-pleasing and result-oriented. This will be a challenging service for expert friends. Even some of our expert friends may have had experience as a primary teacher or as a primary school head teacher. So such friends will receive and give training with more ability.

Some instructions and rules are given from district level and state level for school registration. It also changes from time to time. In this training material, attempts to have been made to compile the published literature of some districts and the literature of the state, so that there is something new in it – something different. Yet the issues presented are as consistent as possible.

Circulars, suggestions, guiding traditions, conventional approaches, resourcefulness, etc. are found directly or implicitly in school management. Practicality is central to it. Practicality and a moderate attitude are seen when working in the interest of the student, parent or school.

In this regard, our education supervisor friends very kindly reveal the important link between the school and the administration. Our BRC Coordinator friends also have administrative skills. In this way, the guidance of many people is maintained in the maintenance of school files.

Sometimes there are differences of opinion. At the same time, the possibility of a conflict between our training and the current rules cannot be ruled out. This is why it is mentioned here that the knowledge of the rules regarding the work to be done by the head teacher is only in the school file, if it is missing, it can be obtained from the pay center or taluka-district office and based on that it is necessary to remove the differences and maintain harmony.

From the legal point of view, it is mandatory to take into account the instructions, circulars, rules given by the competent authority. Such issues will be specially discussed during the training.

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