NMMS Exam Paper Solution | NMMS Paper Solution

NMMS Exam Paper Solution | NMMS Paper Solution

NMMS Paper Solution: The solution for the scholarship exam paper taken by NMMS on 14-03-2021 has been placed on our website. Click the download button below to get the solution…

NMMS Exam Paper Solution
NMMS Exam Paper Solution

Bright students with poor economic conditions in the state can study up to standard 12 and reduce the rate of dropout students in higher secondary school, a scheme called NMMS is implemented from MH RD New Delhi for students studying in standard 8.

This scholarship examination will be taken by the State Examination Gandhinagar Board on Sunday, 14-03-2021.

The exam forms can be filled out on the website www.sebexam.org from 10-09-2019 to 10-10-2019.

National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship

NMMS test 2021 National means that seminal fluid advantage Scholarship test signifier as NMMS test is sponsored by Central Government and is conducted by the native instructional authority to award. (The amount of scholarship is proposed to be Rs.12000/- per annum) 1,00,000 scholarships to the gifted or meritorious students whose parental income isn’t quite rs.1,50,000 per annum from all sources.

NMMS Exam Notification 2021 Scholarship Exam)

Scholarship amount and payment rule Students will be eligible to receive scholarships for up to four years according to the monthly rupees 1000 articles per annum Rs, 12000 for the students appearing in the merit after the examination.
The scholarship of the students who have passed the NMMS exam will be placed in the students’ bank accounts through MH RD.

NMMS Exam 2021 Notification

Download the notification below to get more information.

NMMS Exam Notification Gujarat

NMMS Exam Syllubas

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  • 1. Mental Ability Test
  • 2. Scholastic Aptitude Test

Nmms Exam Paper Solution

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