NISHTHA Talim 3.0 Babat | Course Link | Module

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NISHTHA Talim 3.0 Babat | Course Link | Module

NISHTHA Talim 3.0: Under the guidance of NCERT, pre-primary and STD. 1 to 8 teachers and principals across the nation were given basic reading, writing and arithmetic under the National Initiative for School Heads ‘and Teachers’ Holistic Advancement (NISHTHA). FLN) training is planned. This training is likely to start on October 1, 2021.

NISHTHA Talim 3.0 Babat
NISHTHA Talim 3.0 Babat

Due to the epidemic of Kovid-19 across the nation, this training will have to be obtained from the online mode through the loyalty course on the initiation platform. In which teachers of all pre-primary schools of the state and teachers and principals of STD. 1 to 5 of all government-granted and private primary schools have to be involved. The course will be available in Gujarati, Hindi, English and Urdu medium.

NISHTHA Talim 3.0 Secondary Teachers Training Course 4 to 6 Link

2 courses will start in October. Teachers who have previously registered on the Diksha portal are not required to re-register. He will be able to join the course by clicking on Join Course directly. But once one is not registered on the initiation portal, it is mandatory to register to join the course.

Course NoCourse NameCourse Link
4GJ_કલા સંકલિત શિક્ષણ(NISHTHA Sec)Join Now
5GJ_માધ્યશમક શાળાના શિદ્યાર્થીઓને
સમજવા (NISHTHA Sec)
Join Now
6GJ_આરોગ્ય અને સુખાકારી(NISHTHA Sec)Join Now
NISHTHA Talim 3.0 Babat
Course NameCourse Link
મને DIKSHA પર GJ_1_FLN મિશનનો પરિચય(NISHTHA FLN) ખરેખર રસપ્રદ અને સહાયક લાગે છે.Join Now
પ્લેસહોલ્ડરો: GJ_1_FLN મિશનનો પરિચય(NISHTHA FLN)Join Now
પ્લેસહોલ્ડરો: GJ_2_ક્ષમતા આધારિત શિક્ષણ તરફ પ્રયાણ(NISHTHA FLN)Join Now
NISHTHA Talim 3.0 Babat

The teacher has to follow the following steps to register on the initiation portal.

  • The teacher has to join the Integrity 2.0 (FLN) course through
  • The teacher has to fill the self-declaration form on the loyalty portal to join the online course, otherwise he cannot join the course. In the details of this registration, the name of the district, taluka, Coulter, name of the school, teacher code must be filled.
  • All the teachers of your district on the initiation portal. It is hereby instructed to give the necessary instructions from your level for registration by September 30, 2021.

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