Hindi Vinit Exam Notification 2019 – 2020

Gujarat Vidhyapith Hindi Vinit Exam

Hindi Vinit Exam Notification : – Regarding conducting Hindi and Gandhi thought dissemination examinations in schools administered by Gujarat Vidyapith.

Hindi Vinit Exam Notification 2019 - 2020
Hindi Vinit Exam Notification 2019 – 2020

Sujashree, Sadar Vandan,

           Gujarat Vidyapeeth was founded in 1920 p. It was done by Mahatma Gandhi. With the inspiration of Pauj Gandhi Bapu, the propaganda work of Hindi has been being done by the Hindutva propaganda committee since 1946. Gujarat Vidyapeeth conducts various levels of Hindi as well as Gandhi-dissemination examinations in schools every year. Hindi vinit exam are held in February and September as well as Gandhi thought exams on 2nd October and 30th January. We have received the cooperation of several schools in this work, so that the work of Hindi propaganda and the spread of Gandhi’s thought is being done in an excellent way. BC 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi Bapu as well as Pu. The centenary year of Gujarat Vidyapeeth, founded by Gandhi Bapu, is a celebration.

          Your administrative contribution to this national work is also expected. Principals and teachers of the school in your district are requested to circulate the recommendation for conducting Hindi and Gandhi thought dissemination exams. So that schools and teachers enthusiastically show their willingness to collaborate in this work. Gandhi thought exams will be held throughout the year till 2 October 2020. For further details please contact the Coordinator, Gujarat Hindi-Hindustani Publicity Committee, Hindi Bhavan, Gujarat Vidyapeeth Ahmedabad-380014. Phone No: 079-40016374 / 375/376 MO – 9427616554

Hindi Vinit Exam Notification

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