Bhashadeep Solution first week std 6 to 8

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Bhashadeep first week solution std 6 to 8

BHASHADIP SOLUTION | please visit our website to get the standard 3 to 8 bhashadeep solution and bhashadip activity taken in Gujarati Primary School.

Bhashadeep first week solution std 6 to 8
Bhashadeep first week solution std 6 to 8

Gujarat Primary School

  • There is a total of 3 weeks of activities for language development.
  • Approximately 1 to 2 activities have to be done.
  • There are seven to ten activities each week.
  • These activities include content and oral activities on subjects like Gujarati, mathematics, environment, social science and science and technology, and HOTQ’s Fun Time activities.


  • Some language-related activities will be related to extracurricular and some textbook content.
  • There will be activities based on topics such as textbook, outdoors activities: conversation, dialogue, games, place visits, pictures, audio, videos, restaurants, mobiles.

Variety of linguistic activities

  • Imaginative Talk – wordplay,
  • Antonym – synonym,
  • Identify me – picture,
  • Spelling – content,
  • Syntax – creative,
  • Sentences- from gender and time to sentence
  • Activities that include independent writing.

The type of activity

  • Pairs / Groups / Individuals.
  • Creating a group or pair: Creating a classic and a medium, medium, and favorite, excellent, and beloved.
  • Every teacher is a language teacher


  • Language education is not only the job of the teacher of Gujarati subjects but in all the subjects, communication is compulsory and it is to be kept in mind by every teacher.
  • Thus, teachers of each subject should also look at how to interpret in other subjects besides Gujarati.
  • The teacher should keep in mind when conducting activities.
  • To understand exactly what the language is and how the child learns the language.
  • Special thing to keep in mind – The content of the textbook is also important in its interpretation.
  • How should the activity of a point be interpreted?
  • Forcing any seven activities a week, other activities can be done on time. You can do any of the activities given for the week first, that is, it is not necessary to follow the order of the activities within the week, but follow the order of each session.
  • At least a total of 6 weeks of activity are required.
  • Creating a language creates a natural, natural situation in the classroom.
  • Activity Topics: There should be situations or events Textbook that are experienced in everyday real life.
  • The main goal: to have fun with children.
  • The teacher should be careful to ensure that all activities take place in an enjoyable, comfortable environment and free.

The role of the teacher

  • Most of the activities are done with the help of the teacher.
  • Teacher’s Role As a facilitator, the teacher walks in the classroom to observe.
  • Listen to the children’s talk in pairs/groups.
  • Do children discuss the topic correctly?
  • See if the given activity does exactly that and guide it where needed.

At the end of the activity

  • At the end of the activity, submit a summary or report to the class in time for two or three groups or pairs.
  • To be presented to a different group or pair during each activity.
  • Going deeper into the activity through questions such as how you worked, what was the problem, what to find, ‘having fun with the teacher, discussing the elements of language, the nature of language, creativity, etc.

The answer to the activity

  • No direct answer.
  • They have to meditate.
  • Have to think,
  • Have to discuss,
  • Have to aim
  • The challenge has to be.

Estimated time of activity

  • Estimated time: 10-15-20 minutes.
  • Judging by the activity of the teacher and the interest, interest and interest of the children.


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