Shala Karykramo mate Aheval lekhan Namuna

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Shala Karykramo mate Aheval lekhan Namuna

Shala Karykramo mate Aheval lekhan Namuna
Shala Karykramo mate Aheval lekhan Namuna

At the school level, all activities, culture activities, tourism activities take place during the year. These work activities are completed and students or teachers need to write down such information as Shala Arogy Sptah Aheval, Eco Club Aheval, Clean Fortnight Report, World Yoga Day aheval, Gandhi Jubilee Report, Bal melo aheval, Vali smbelan aheval, Constitution Day Report, January 26 Aheval Type Our website to write all the reports have placed a sample of this template can be prepared on the basis of the report to the school.

The Gujarat Department of Education has announced the Mission Schools of Excellence project for state schools, with a multi-level funding of government, Central government also as national and foreign funding agencies.

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While a total allocation of Rs 1,213 crore has been announced in the state government budget on Wednesday for the ‘Mission Schools of Excellence’ project, a separate sub-head is also provided within the allow ‘External Assistance Funding’ to converge funds from central government and external funding agencies.

Sources revealed that the proposal for the same has been approved by foreign financial institutions, including the World Bank, while discussions are on with Asian Development Bank (ADB), Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as well as national financial institution — National Bank for Agriculture and Rural development.

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The Gujarat education department is aiming to participate in Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), the international assessment to evaluate education systems worldwide by measuring 15-year old school students performance on maths, science and reading, in 2024.

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