SAS Gujarat Rajao ni Entry Mate Mardarsika PDF

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SAS GUJARAT Holiday Entry Guide Guidelines (MSB RAJKOT)

SAS Gujarat Rajao ni Entry Mate Mardarsika PDF
SAS Gujarat Rajao ni Entry Mate Mardarsika PDF

According to the guidance received from the Director’s Office regarding the leave, the schools of MSB RAJKOT have to do the following: Instead of the instructions given at the meeting, the new instructions will have to be worked out and every employee will have to be informed briefly. If an employee completes a holiday entry, they do not need to delete the entry.

Print out this file and save it for every employee. Improve this task 09-12-2019 to inform each employee of the new instructional work.

1 Received leave 

 SSA Gujarat

(A) Received king (cancellation of Agawan meeting meeting, acting as per new directive). Select the drop function for which leave is granted.

  • BLO leave 
  • Election performance 
  • Census 
  • Training leave
  • Displaying HTAT and CRC vacation leave

SAS Gujarat Rajao ni Entry Mate Mardarsika PDF

In the earlier meeting, cancel the instruction given on the date from which the date of the meeting was given, from 01-01 the 30-06 and 31-to 31-12, to cancel the entry as follows.
Now show the date of the vacation from which date such as the summer vacation date is from 05-05-2017 to 10-06-2017 and show the holiday as shown in the order of leave such as 10 or 14 or 11 (as per order) and in detail. Show your Diwali Vacation or Summer Vacation and order number and date.
This means that the vacation date on which the vacation is granted should be in its order and if it is not, then the old teacher should get it from the attendance sheet.

(B) Half paid leave is to be made in accordance with the annual period mentioned in the leave service book or live account such as 24-08-12 to 23-08-13 days 20 (some employees have six months entry in the previous period if they have six month entry as per their leave or service book Can also) 

In some cases, 100 holiday of five years is credited to their Leave account i.e. 24-08-05 to 23-08-10 leave = 100 days. In such case, entry to Gujarat will be required to add 20 leave once a year.

2. The leave previously enjoyed shall be the entry of the applicable leave as follows. 

(A) Type of maternity leave: 
date from which date of delivery, order number and date: order / service book to be shown. Showing 1 service book accordingly does not need to be written here. 
(B) From the date of paternity leave drop down menu select 1 service book as per date, order number and date from the selected paternity leave is not required to write here.
© Type of miscarriage: 
Type of miscarriage leave date, order number and date: order / service book.
(D) Half paid leave type: 
showing the number of days in which the half paid leave is consumed as per order / service book as on 01/01/19 to 10-01-19 showing the date from which date from which date to show 10 in the holiday box.
(E) Deduction pay type: 
Dated deduction from date to date order number and date : order / service book to be displayed.
(F) Type of received receipt: 
What date, order number and date from the date of receipt: To show the order / service book.
(G) Medical or commuted leave (acting as new instruction for cancellation of advance meeting).

Type of leave: 
Medical leave was advised to double the entry of leave leave meeting, but only as many days as it was ordered by adding new menu of medical leave. To show Such as 01-12-18 to 10-12-18 day 10 to show only 20 not show.
(A) LTC leave cash (acting as per the new notification for cancellation of advance notice) Type of leave: 
Holiday Receipt LTC leave cash was taken 10 days from which date it was instructed to show date of order.
(H) Family Planning Leave 
Employee Leave Employees choose Family Planning from the drop down menu. The Principal, having taken the pretrial, found the details of the services and other evidence to be avoided.

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