Pragna Abhigam Talim Babat Pariptra 2021

Pragna Abhigam Talim Babat Pariptra

Pragna Abhigam Talim: According to Pragna Approach Training, M.T. And the matter of conducting teacher training

Pragna Abhigam Talim Babat Pariptra (1)
Pragna Abhigam Talim Babat Pariptra

A two-day refresher training of Pragna Approach for Std. As a part of this plan, each district writes a class of 8 based on the number of teachers of Std. 1 and 2 of the district. The number of will have to be determined. MTs will be trained by GCERT through Byseg in two articles per class.

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E.g. If the teachers of STD. 1 and 2 of the district are 350 then 10 classes are done and for these 10 classes 20 Mt. To be prepared.

This training will be imparted through Byseg. The broadcast of which can be watched on Vande Gujarat Channel No. 5 as well as in Geo and DIS TV application. For this training, as per the requirement of the district, MT has to be present at the district level and the training has to be organized. In which COVID-19 and the guidelines of the health department have to be kept in mind. After the Bayseg training, MT will have to organize a two-day refresher teacher training of the Pragna approach.

The cost of this training is stated to be borne from the available grant of EDN-12 AP-1 or EDN-16L Teacher Head Teacher or in-service. After the completion of the training, the statistics and details of the expenditure should be sent by email to the training branch at GCERT by March 30, according to the accompanying forms.

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