Pragna Basic Information STD 1 to 2

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Pragna Basic Information STD 1 to 2

Pragna Basic Information STD 1 to 2 : A PDF file for children to Basic Information in Pragna Room in Standard 1 and 2. Click the link below to download.

Pragna Basic Information STD 1 to 2
Pragna Basic Information STD 1 to 2

A PDF containing Pragna information for Pragna Standard 1 and 2 has been submitted. This PDF teacher will be working to correct the problems in Pragna’s room. Here is an explanation of how to work in Pragna Room. This PDF explains class vibhajan, understanding of topics, group chart, ledger, curriculum, teacher handbook, port folio, display board, early leader.
Why Pragna?

  • It gives children an opportunity to learn at their own pace and level.
  • Provides children a platform to learn through experience.
  • It offers a chance to learn from teachers and peers.
  • It gives child an exposure to various project work and field work.
  • Child’a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is embedded & stress free.
  • It helps child learning how to learn.
  • Children are learning without burden.

Click the Download button below to download this PDF.

Pragna Basic Mahiti

Pragna progress report std 1,2 maths Gujarati pdf download karo

Pragna Material


Download Pragna Group card std 1 & 2

Download Prathanapothi

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