New Parinam Patrak for Standard : 1 to 8


Parinam Patrako for STD : 1 to 8

New Parinam Patrak for teachers of Gujarat Primary School has been placed here Click on the download shear to download.

New Parinam Patrak for Standard 1 to 8
New Parinam Patrak for Standard 1 to 8

Mass Promotion Intergat Class 1 to 8 Preparation of Student Result Certificate and Leaving Certificate (LC). This letter dated 22-04-2020 from Gujarat Education Department of Niyamak Sir will be published on a daily basis.

Instructions for issuing Parinam Patrak and school- LC in std 1 to 8.

Informing the above subject and context research that the decision of the Education Department regarding context 3 has decided to give mass promotion to the Pupils of std 1 to 8.

How to prepare a New Parinam Patrak ane Leaving certificate by teachers from different districts in this regard ? And if it is necessary to issue a school-LC, how to issue it? In order to maintain uniformity in all the schools of the Gujarat state and to ensure that there is no discrepancy between the Parinam Patrak and the school LC of the students moving from one school to another, the instructions of this letter are to be implemented.

After the lockdown, since the situation has returned to normal, the students and the result sheet ane Leaving certificate has to be prepared, so do not insist on the teacher coming to the school during the lockdown.

As per Section 29 of the RTE Act, 2009, under the school holistic assessment, take into consideration the following while preparing the New Parinam Patrak C of the students of std 1 to 8 as per year.

D1 and D2 for std 1 and D3 and D4 for std 2 should be prepared every year.

As every year, all the pupils from Standard 1 to 8 have to give the result per student to the students who have not taken the second test in the school LC.

Parinam Patrak STD 1

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Parinam Patrak STD 2

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Parinam Patrak STD 3 and 4

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Parinam Patrak STD 5

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Parinam Patrak STD 6 to 8

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SCE Parinam Patrak STD 1 to 8


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