Maths Svadhyaypothi Solution Standard: 6 to 8 2022

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Maths Svadhyaypothi Solution Standard: 6 to 8

A Maths Svadhyay Pothi solution for STD 6 to 8 has been set up. Click here to download.

Maths Svadhyaypothi Solution Standard 6 to 8
Maths Svadhyaypothi Solution Standard 6 to 8

Following the Government’s policy of implementing the same curriculum at the national level, the Government of Gujarat decided to directly implement NCERT textbooks at the school level. The textbook Mathematics of Standard- 6 to 8 published by NCERT, New Delhi, has been translated into Gujarati.

The standard 6 to 8 textbook contains various activities to fully explain the basic concepts of mathematics. It was decided to prepare the textbook as well as self-study of mathematics with the purpose of ensuring that children have an effective practice of various mathematical concepts based on this activity. Self-study books have been created by the experts involved in the textbook creation process.

Maths Svadhyaypothi Solution STD: 6

ChapterLessonDownload Link
8Dashansh sankhyaDownload Now
9Mahitinu NiyamanDownload Now
10MapanDownload Now
11BijganitDownload Now
12Gunoutar ane SampramanDownload Now
13SamitiDownload Now
Maths Svadhyaypothi Solution STD: 6

This is a supplementary textbook material from self-taught. In this self-study, special examples are presented to help students find special practices for their consolidation of learning-based self-study. These studies are designed with the intention of providing teacher support if the child needs further assistance in the context of a concept during a performance-based self-study. As a part of the continuous assessment of children under the School Comprehensive Assessment (SCE), a unit-wise unit of study performance has been tested at the end of each unit to test how much achievement they have achieved in teaching outcomes.

This self-study is extremely useful for filling out Form A in the school holistic assessment. This self-study is expected to be used as a tool of assessment as well as a means of continuous diagnostic therapy. Attempts have been made to make these self-taught harmless. However, positive suggestions are welcome.

Maths Svadhyaypothi Solution STD: 7

ChapterLessonDownload Link
9Samey SankhyaDownload Now
10Prayogik BhumitiDownload Now
11Parimiti Ane kshetrafarDownload Now
12Bijganitiy PadavaliDownload Now
13Ghat ane GhatankDownload Now
14SamitiDownload Now
15Ganakaronu PratyakshikaranDownload Now
Maths Svadhyaypothi Solution STD: 7

NOTE: The solution here is not officially set up. This solution is designed by teacher friends to correct any errors you may have noticed.

Maths Svadhyaypothi Solution STD: 8

ChapterLessonDownload Link
9Baijik Padavalio ane NitysamDownload Now
10Ghanakaronu PratyakshikaranDownload Now
11MapanDownload Now
12Ghat ane GhatankDownload Now
13Sampraman Ane VyastpramanDownload Now
14AvayavikaranDownload Now
15Alekhno ParichayDownload Now
16Snkhya Sathe RamatDownload Now
Maths Svadhyaypothi Solution STD: 8

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