CTET full course: Subject Wise Prep Strategies

CTET full course: Subject Wise Prep Strategies

CTET full course: Among India’s toughest exams is the CTET. Applicants who pass CTET are eligible to teach grades 1 through 8. It is mandatory to pass the examination in order to become a teacher. In order to prepare for this exam, aspirants need to plan and join CTET preparation online classes.

CTET full course Subject Wise Prep Strategies
CTET full course Subject Wise Prep Strategies

For the post of teachers in various government schools and private schools, CBSE conducts the CTET Exam. It is not difficult to pass CTET and complete the CTET Study Material, and scoring 90 out of 150 points is within everyone’s reach. Approximately 22 lakh candidates applied for the most recent exam. Candidates who are preparing for CTET exams and are looking for expert guidance can check out our tips and tricks for CTET 2022 that we mentioned subject-wise in this article.

CTET Child Development and Pedagogy Preparation Strategy

  • A B.Ed or D.Ed graduate can easily master the topic of child development and pedagogy.
  • Exam takers must concentrate on the B.Ed/D.Ed syllabus when taking the exams.
  • D.Ed and B.Ed topics include Child Development and Pedagogy, so simply reviewing the syllabus would earn you 25-28 points.
  • This portion can easily be scored at 25+ points with good revision and planning.
  • One chapter can be revised every day for ten days (approximately), since the topic has ten chapters (approximately).

CTET Mathematics, Language, and EVS Preparation Strategy (Paper I)

  • Candidates taking Paper I must take Mathematics, Language (Hindi & English), and Environmental Studies.
  • First, candidates should familiarize themselves with textbooks for grades 1 through 8 in English, Mathematics, Hindi, and General Science. (I – V).
  • Candidates can easily score 80 percent on these sections of the CTET exam since they are almost entirely based on the syllabus for their respective classes.
  • In English, students should be familiar with topics such as Antonyms, Synonyms, Active and Passive Voice, Direct and Indirect Expression, Vocabulary, Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences, Idioms, and Comprehension Passages.
  • Mathematical curriculums for grades 1-8 are primarily emphasized as far as mathematics is concerned.
  • The same applies to the segment on Environmental Science. There are many topics candidates can choose from, including the Solar System, Weather, Climate Changes, Evaporation, Precipitation, Condensation, Types of Rainfall, and Types of Soil.
  • It is best for candidates to focus on Hindi grammar topics that are simple and straightforward.

English and Hindi CTET Preparation Strategy (Paper-II) 

  • Students should focus on English topics from Classes VI to 10. A little more advanced grammar topics are covered in Paper II, as well as vocabulary information. In addition, antonyms, synonyms, and other related terms should be equally weighted.
  • The English teaching methods/methodology will be discussed a bit. Candidates would be asked five questions by English Methodology. It is possible to revise the English Methodology section of the B.Ed syllabus and score full marks.
  • A major part of the UPTET is Reading Comprehension. Candidates should be aware of this.
  • There is a similar situation with the Hindi language. For grades 1 through 10, candidates must focus on the Hindi syllabus.

Social Studies CTET Preparation Strategy

  • Class VI through X should receive priority in terms of the Social Studies Syllabus.
  • Students should be aware that the syllabus for Geography, History, Civics, and Economics (Classes VI – X) will be equal in weight.
  • Aside from the topic-based questions, candidates should anticipate 10 questions from ‘Methods of Teaching Social Studies’. To prepare for this issue, candidates should review the B.Ed syllabus for the respective subject.
  • In this issue, a score of 50 or higher out of 60 is easy to achieve.

Mathematics and Science CTET Preparation Strategy

  • In terms of mathematics and science, candidates should focus on the syllabus from Class VI to X.
  • As well as the subject-based questions, candidates should anticipate 10 questions from ‘Methods of Teaching Science/ Mathematics’. In order to prepare for this issue, candidates should review the syllabus for their respective B.Ed course.
  • In this issue, a score of 50 or higher out of 60 is easy to achieve.


What are the technical requirements to use the CTET Video Courses?

– High-Speed Internet
– Laptop/Desktop with a dual-core processor and 2 GB RAM
– smartphone.

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