BRC CRC Pratiniyukti Rad Karva Babat | Jilla Pramane CRC BRC ni Yadi 2021

BRC CRC Pratiniyukti Rad Karva Babat | Jilla Pramane CEC BRC ni yadi

BRC CRC Pratiniyukti Rad: Matter of cancellation of deputation of BRC and CRC.

Your opinion along with the proposal for ratification of cancellation of deputation of BRC / CRC co.

BRC CRC Pratiniyukti Rad Karva Babat
BRC CRC Pratiniyukti Rad Karva Babat

Pursuant to the proposal received here, the recruitment process for the post of CRC COO Education Assistant of Cum (1) to Cum (4) out of Cum (1) to Cum (82) has been sent and the CRC of Cum (5). And all the BRC / CRC co-operatives except the one recommended by the DPC for which his resignation application has been withdrawn after the reason for the resignation of the BRC co-operative of the mother has been settled. Out of which, if the CRCCO agreement is based on cum (4), cum (52) and cum (59), then the district level is allowed to terminate their contract on the condition that they have completed the procedure.

Apart from this CRC / BRC Co.O. If they are on deputation, their application for cancellation of deputation for the stated reasons is taken into consideration and in view of the opinion of the DPC of the concerned district, the following matters are ratified to cancel the deputation.

In addition, Devbhoomi Dwarka’s Gunda CRC Co., Sabarkantha’s Dada CRC Co. And Dholera BRC Co. of Ahmedabad. O.’s deputation has been canceled in anticipation of ratification of the office here. Despite not having such a provision, the DPC has approved resignation from the level. In case of any misconduct in the administration, the matter is asked to be clarified and caution should be taken not to repeat the matter in future. And the approved resignation of BRC Co.O is upheld.

Proceedings to be cancelled before deputation

  • In the district where there is a higher BRP (TT) other than Pragya BRP, they should be referred to CRC Co.O. Cancel the deputation of the concerned after placing the order as’.
  • If there is no incremental BRP as per Ukt- (1), if there is a waiting list under the new recruitment, the process should be carried out as per the rules, the deputation order should be given to that candidate and the deputation should be cancelled otherwise the deputation should continue.
  • Obtaining a certificate from the BRC CRC COO regarding the proceedings of the aforesaid (1) that no financial transaction is pending, and no investigation is ongoing at the district level. In the circumstances of the aforesaid- (2), except for cum- (1) cum- (2) and cum (3) the concerned BRC / CRC co. But until a new appointment of BRC / CRC Co.O for the BRC / Cluster of this employee, they will be given BRC / CRC COO. To continue in operation as.

Special Note: Under no circumstances should the charge of this BRC / CRC COO be transferred to others and their deputation cancelled.

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