STD : 3 to 5 Adhyan Nispatio sem : 2 (Learning outcome)


STD : 3 to 5 Adhyan Nispatio sem : 2 (Learning outcome)

Learning outcome Std 3 to 5 : Adhyayan nishpatti is very important for quality education in standard 3 to 5.Here are the 3 to 5 learning outcomes you can download.

STD : 3 to 5 Adhyan Nispatio sem : 2
STD : 3 to 5 Adhyan Nispatio sem : 2

STD : 3 to 5 Adhyan Nispatio

Adhyan Nispatio STD : 3 to 5 :Here are the Adhyan Nispatio for standard 3 to 5. Students studying in standard 3 to 5 and teachers teaching them are useful to friends.These teachers are Gujarati, Hindi, Mathematics, English, social science.Through this school teacher, teacher friends will be helpful in their educational work.

STD – 3 Adhyayan Nishpatti

STD – 4 Adhyayan Nishpatti

STD – 5 Adhyayan Nishpatti

  • Learning outcomes are a necessary a part of any unit outline. A learning outcome is a clear statement of what a learner is expected to be ready to do, know about and/or value at the completion of a unit of study, and how well they must be expected to achieve those outcomes. It states each the substance of learning and how its attainment is to be demonstrated.Learning outcomes not only serve the aim of directing the content and style of a unit of study, they kind the basis of assessment and are linked to the larger outcomes of learning set by the University within the form of generic and/or course/discipline-specific graduate attributes.Because of their clear linkage to assessment, students can achieve the educational outcomes to differing degrees. 

    The value of effective learning outcomes statements effective set of learning outcomes statements informs and guides both you and your students:
  • For teaching staff: 
    It informs:
    the content of teaching
    the teaching strategies you will use
    the types of learning activities/tasks you set for your students
    appropriate assessment tasks 
    course analysis.
  • For students :-The set of Adhayn Nispatio provides them with
  • a solid framework to guide their studies and assist them to arrange for their assessment
    a point of articulation with graduate attributes at course & university (i.e. generic) level. 
  • From this, effective learning outcomes statements should: 
  • identify necessary learning needs (the ‘content’ of learning – the vary and type of data, skills and values required)
  • use clear language, intelligible by students and alternative potential clients link to the generic and/or course graduate attributes 
    be achievable and assessable, and 
    relate to explicit statements of achievement (e.g. level of understanding required)


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