Ekam Kasoti Time Table : Regarding the unit test Time Table.Download the PDF of the Unit Test Time Table.


Subject : Regarding the unit test program.

Under the above topic, it is stated that the entire education campaign has decided to take the academic quality test of each subject from standard 3 to 8, the remedial work of that subject and to take periodic assessment test (unit test) as part of the CCE. The unit tests are conducted on Saturdays apart from the weekly holidays to evaluate the quality of classroom teaching work done by teachers in Std.During the next academic session, a unit of various subjects will be tested from standard 1 to 8 from December 7th to March. Saturday of the week is selected for this unit test. The syllabus for this unit test will be until the next week of that test.The question paper will be prepared by GCERT as per the syllabus. Through the entire education campaign it will be delivered to the district and taluka in soft copy every Thursday. Each BRC must deliver this soft copy to the CRC on the same day. The CRC will have to make timely arrangements for delivering one hard copy to the teacher affiliated to that school on Friday. The CRCA will have to borrow the hard copy on its Contingency Head.The unit test notebook will be delivered to the school by the BRC for writing the test to the students of Std.On the day of the unit test, the district project CO must be done at the state level as well as the local monitoring and management at the district level to ensure that the unit is tested in a timely, confidential and appropriate manner. Similarly, TPEO at the taluka level, K. Nil, BRC, CRC and BRP (all) have to do it.Upon completion of the unit test, the test test notebook will be shown to the guardian of each student and the necessary remedial action should be taken with his signature. The data entry for this score should be made within 15 days.


Unit Test Guide

1) Understand weekly unit test approach:

  • An Ekam Kasoti Time Table has been organized to evaluate the quality of classroom teaching work done by teachers in classes 3 to 5 and 6 to 8.
  • The unit is being tested on Saturdays apart from every weekend holiday.
  • Standard, 5th, 5th, Gujarati, Mathematics, Environment, Science, Social Sciences, Sanskrit, English and Hindi subjects will be tested.
  • The unit test is also planned to measure the teacher and student’s classroom teaching-learning process.

2) Role of District Pro.ko.Shri in weekly unit test:

  • Implementation of the type of Ekam Kasoti at a specific time in each block and cluster of schools in the district at the standard, subject and date.
  • Planning that the test be completed within the stipulated time limit in the schools of each block on the day of the unit test. To ensure that the unit is properly tested by the test teacher at least a week after the test is taken.
  • Make their data entry within 15 days after the unit test.

3) Role of TPEO in weekly Ekam Kasoti :

  • Planning for each school schedule and unit test on a timely basis.
  • Conduct contingency monitoring of schools and conduct their work during unit testing.
  • Receive feedback and suggestions regarding unit tests with principals and teachers to reach the district.

4) Role of BRC, BRP, CRC in weekly unit testing:

  • Delivering hard copies of unit tests on time to schools.
  • To ensure that the Ekam Kasoti is planned according to the schedule.
  • Provide instruction and guidance on how to properly test the unit by the school teacher – ‘To provide.
  • Continuous care should be taken to ensure that unit tests are planned according to the guidance received from district and state level.

5) Role of the Principal in Weekly Unit Testing:

  • Meeting staff for unit testing and providing appropriate guidance.
  • The date on which the unit is tested is up to the next week’s course in the test, so to see if their scheduled course is completed on that unit test date.
  • Planning for the hard copy the teacher receives for the unit test that is available on time that day.
  • Monitoring in class during unit testing.
  • Conduct a quality test of the unit test by the teacher.
  • After the unit test, discuss the outcome of the subject with the teacher, student and guardian.To carry out planning for good results. 

6) The role of the teacher in the weekly Ekam Kasoti Time Table :

  • Take the unit test on time.
  • Until the date on which the unit is tested, the course for the next week will be asked in the test, so that the unit can complete their regular course on the test date.
  • Adjust the standard unit test seating arrangements to take into account the number of students.
  • Planning for students to perform writing tasks quietly during cum tests.
  • Having tested the test within a week, give the student a guardian’s signature.
  • Make data entry conveniently up to 15 days after verification.
  • After completing the unit test, it is necessary to prepare a re-test and re-evaluate the student by taking appropriate remedial action by writing in the unit test notebook which of the students’ academic performance seems to be raw. To take into account the re-test marks when making data entry of on-line marks.


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